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December 12 2008

Goodbye, Pownce.

I know I won't get a chance to post over this weekend and Monday looks to be as busy as any other Monday at work, so I'm pretty sure this is my last post here.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. One morning in July, last year opening my email and seeing I received an invite to join in the Pownce closed beta test.

I was on cloud nine that whole day. I don't think I ever went through my given invites so fast with any other service. I knew that there was a future within social networking and finally I found a space that can handle what I thought social networking was supposed to handle.

It took a couple months to make friends here. I did what most people do at first, add the A listers and then leech from their friends. Who knew that in the process of doing that I would meet so many awesome people?

This service is nothing without it's community. Not long after that I was nominated by the Powncecast crew to be a featured Powncer. I still don't think even to this day I was worthy of that distinction, but I'm glad that I became one.

Through that I met even more great people. Every person that I friended and had something to offer made this place my desired network. I never got the same Pownce twice, every day was like logging on for the first time.

I never thought this day would come, but in life I learned quickly that if something too good to be true, it's either a myth or won't last. But the friendships I gained and the values learned will never ever go away.


beach6 (7) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My last foto Friday.

I remember when this was called Flickr Friday. I'm going to miss this the most about Pownce, being able to post pictures and share our lives with everyone else.

As the sun sets here, it always rises again to something new and better. Let's just try to keep in touch. Make sure everyone at least signs up for Pownce2 for now at pownce2.ning.com

December 09 2008

I guess I have a one last question for the Pownce crew:

How is babby formed?
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Don't you hate it when something is stuck in your head all day. I don't know why but I want to blame Ben Burris for this..cuz I can.

Southern Culture on the Skids - Camel Walk (Ithink)
Dec 9

I've Exported My Brain

20:00 The Trash Can Add this event to a calendar application
I predict by tomorrow 1 in ever 2 messages on Pownce will be an export message to soup.io. To celebrate, I'm going to liquify my brain and dispose of it properly.

Think Green!
Dec 9

I've migrated my Pownce data to Soup.io, join me there!

10:27 The Internet Add this event to a calendar application
3447 3bb3
I had to share. Everyone knows how much I love minnow shots.

!amb_78 says: LOLOLOLOL
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My last MVM:

People that know me know that I am/was a huge Pantera fan. I don't think I'd be the dopey metalhead thirtysomething without the shredding prowress of Dimebag Darrell.

4 years ago today, he was shot and killed while preforming with his brother and bandmates at Damageplan. So as the sun sets on Pownce, I remember the sunset of a great guitarist and an overall good guy. RIP Dime!

December 08 2008

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!andydesoto got this in my head, so this will serve as my MVM of the day of sorts.

And what better so long to MVM than The Oompa Loompa songs!

December 06 2008

Dear Chris Alden:

I'm not going to your service. I am encouraging everyone else not to go to your service. Thank you, sir for appreciating my feedback because pal, you got it!

December 05 2008

!Skoolie gave me an idea. She posted one of her fondest memories at Pownce. I went digging through my posts to find one of my favorite moments, per say.


I had just learned that I could tap ctrl + tab to switch tabs on my browser and thought I would share it with everyone. I got a couple 1 star responses and I still look back and laugh hysterically at it.

What's one of your fondest memories here at Pownce? I think it would be fitting to show the Six Apart folks what they're turning off.

Digg - Pownce Community looks to Six Apart to do the right thing

Spare Pownce a Digg?

!SpaceBass says: Digg It!
Pownce Community looks to Six Apart to do the right thing

Six Apart - Blog - Welcome Pownce team!

Not that !SpaceBass needs more exposure, but this is important, if you even 'kinda like' Pownce, think about posting a comment on the Six Apart blog!

!SpaceBass says: Don't forget to post a comment for Six Apart - remind them how important pownce is to us and ask them to help keep it alive. Keep it positive folks :)
You need to login to post, !blogkitten pointed out that they accept OpenID - you probably have one now http://openid.net/get/

December 03 2008

Joining the chorus for WTF Wednesday

Pownce is shutting down!

I'll be stealing as many towels and thin mints as I can on the way out. Viva la revolucion and viva la bacon!
I also have invites if people want to use this service to keep in touch with everyone as they scatter.

!WyattUrp says: If anyone needs/wants a SocialThing invite, I have several available. Message me with an email address if so.
Here here!

!creativecomponent says: A plea to Pownce's Incredible Authors...
Release Pownce to the Open Source community!

Pownce is built with Open Source technologies. Think how cool it would be to take a stand and give back to the world.

You would be like the John Cusack of the internets, holding-up your boombox as Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" blasts across the neighborhood -- all Powncers united, arms locked, lighters in the air.

December 01 2008

PownceExiles - FriendFeed

A lot of Powncers are congregating on Friendfeed. I'd hope everyone at least comes in and gives it a chance, if anything, we can get everyone in one place to talk about the future of the community.
RIP Pownce

Not to be a meme starter, but how about everyone post their contact information on other networks, blogs, etc, so we can all stay in touch.

How about we take over Jaiku or Plurk while they're still alive?

Twitter: mlewis106, Jaiku and Plurk: mikelewis, Friendfeed: thelewisshow, Blog: thelewisshow.com

You cannot put a price tag on community, I hope the people that copped out on this service realize that one day.
I declare today "Lie About Your Location to Fire Eagle Day"

Today I am in Stockholm, Sweeden. Where are you today?

November 30 2008


I probably have had more java this past weekend than all year. Most of it's the instant Maxwell House in a can stuff, but I'm curious if anyone has a routine. Do you go out for your coffee, where do you go, do you make your own, what kinds do you like, what kinds should I try?

Someone here has to have one of those French presses. I know there's some coffee snobs out there, what do I need to do to join your exclusive troop?
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